About Us
VDL Target
To be a leading all-in-one solution supplier in Li-Polymer industry in global
VDL Commitment
affordable & stable price and high quality products
VDL Value
Faith, credibility, diligence, responsibility
VDL Operation philosophy
Credibility, service, persistence, creation
VDL Operation Priciple
Normative operation, Informationalized management,scale operation,
internationalized developement.
VDL Development Strategy
Via the rich experience and advantage of continually serving our existing customers, actively expand domestic and oversea market, spend much more time and energy in studyinghi-tech Li-polymerof high capacity, and power battery, as well as Li-polymer of normal capacity。 Make further shares in the batteries markets of brand consume electronic products, march on the power battery market, and succeed in exploiting oversea market, to be a leading all-in-one solution supplier of Li-Polymer in global。

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